Online Youth Pre-Employment & Job Seeker Training Modules
There are 38 different Youth Modules covering 4 general categories.
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  Finding the Jobs   Marketing Yourself
Y101 Using Your Local One-Stop Career Center  » Y112 The Job Application  »
Y102 Just Graduated. Now What?  » Y115 The Résumé  »
Y103 Post High School Job Training  » Y116 Components of a Résumé  »
Y104 Entry Level and Summer Jobs  » Y117 Making Your Résumé Stand Out  »
Y105 Interviewing for Information  » Y118 Internet Résumé  »
Y106 How to Respond to Help Wanted Ads  » Y119 How to Write a Cover Letter  »
Y107 Networking  » Y121 What Employers Expect of You  »
Y108 How to Use the Internet in Your Job Search  » Y122 Overcoming Challenges to Employment  »
Y109 How to Make Cold Calls  »
Y110 Where to Look for a Job  »
Y111 Get Organized for Your Job Search  »
  Interviewing & More Career Selection & Information
Y123 Preparing for the Job Interview  » Y134 Selecting a Career  »
Y124 The Job Interview Step by Step  » Y135 Identifying Your Job Skills  »
Y125 Impressing the Interviewer  » Y137 The Top 20 Job Skills  »
Y126 Top Job Interview Questions  » Y138 Careers for Today and Tomorrow   »
Y128 Telephone Job Interviews and Job Fairs  » Y139 Starting a New Job   »
Y129 First Impressions  » Y140 All Those Forms!  »
Y130 Thank You Notes and Follow Up  » Y141 How to Read Your Paycheck  »
Y131 Pre-Employment Testing  » Y142 How to Keep Your Job  »
Y132 Accepting a Job Offer  » Y143 How to Quit Your Job  »
Y133 Employee Benefits  »