Online Jobsearch & Pre-employment Training
In these economic times, it is critical that job seekers demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to get connected to employment. JobShop, Inc., in partnership with Mary Ann Lawrence, has developed a series of online learning modules that will help your customers learn, or relearn, these critical job-seeking skills. A separate online learning series for youth targets the necessary pre-employment skills needed to be successful on the job.

Both online series feature a unique self-assessment that assists both the customer and the case worker to target those areas where the customer needs special training.

Each module directs the customer to take a pre-test before beginning the 20-40 minute online training module. After completing the module, the customer takes a post-test, and if 80% of the questions are answered correctly, a certificate of completion can be printed. Case workers are able to log on to the system using their ID and password and track the progress of their customers.

Benefits of Online Training
  • Self-paced and available 24/7
  • Accessible anywhere via Internet
  • Provides a consistent learning and knowledge base
  • Can be used to refresh knowledge in key areas
  • No travel time required
  • Printable Workbook for each module
  • Very low cost per customer
  • Online administrative tracking
  • Certificates automatically printed
  • Pre- and Post-testing
  • 20-40 minutes per module
  • Staff controls access to system
  • Satisfies Intensive Services Requirements
  • Assists with Case Management
  • Based on JobShop Guides


Customer Training Modules
Web based training for job seekers and workforce professionals

Adult Job Seeker Modules  
Most unemployed people are bewildered by the job search process and often do not know where to begin. The short online assessment evaluates the job seeker's job-search knowledge and readiness and identifies areas of weakness. Based on the assessment results, job seekers and their case workers can identify those areas where the job seeker needs training and assistance.

There are 63 different Adult Modules based on the Adult JobSearch Guides.

Adult topic areas include:

  • General Information & Situations
  • Finding the Jobs
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Interviewing and Beyond
Youth Pre-Employment Modules  
Young adults just entering the world of work are often clueless about both the work world and how to conduct a successful job-search campaign. Staff at workforce development centers find that they must provide training to young adults both in pre-employment skills as well as in the basics of job searching.

The 38 Youth Modules target the various job-readiness and job-search issues which young adults face as they embark on their first jobs.

  • These modules can be used as an online pre-employment training program.
  • Modules are based on the JobShop Youth Guides.

  • Youth topic areas include:
    • Career Selection and Information
    • Finding the Jobs
    • Marketing Yourself
    • Interviewing


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