Adult JobSearch Guides Topics
Self-help information for your job-seeking customers.
Spanish Version Also Available
  General Information and Situations
  1. Just Laid Off: Now What?
  2. I Quit My Job!  What Do I Do Now?
  3. I've Been Downsized! Now What?
  4. I Was Fired From Last Job. Now What?
  5. I Want to Re-enter the Workforce
  6. I Want to Change Careers at Mid-Life
  7. Just Graduated. What Do I Do Now?
  8. Job Search Tips for Experienced Workers
  9. Job Search Tips for The Post-Military Job Seekers
10. Job Search Tips for Ex-Offenders
11. Job Search Tips for People with Disabilities
12. Job Search Issues for Women & Minorities
13. How to Relocate to Another Community
14. How to Manage Your Unemployment
15. Handling the Stress of a Job-Search
16. How to Involve Your Family in Your Job Search
17. What Do Employers Expect from Employees?
18. How Are Occupations Classified?
19. Where to Get Job Training

 Finding the Jobs
20. How to Use Your Local One-Stop Career Center
21. Where Are the Jobs?
22. Using Your Network to Locate Job Openings
23. How to Get a Government Job
24. Pluses & Minuses of Temporary Employment
25. How to Use Private Employment Agencies
26. Starting Your Own Business
27. How to Use the Internet In Your Job Search
28. How to Respond to Newspaper Want Ads
29. How to Work a Job Fair
30. Help Wanted Response Form
31. How to Make Cold Calls
32. Cold Call Telephone Log
33. How to Choose a Career
34. How to Determine Your Skills
35. SCANS Competencies
36. Identifying Your Job Interests & Values
37. Ideal Job Worksheet
38. What Are Your Salary Needs?
39. How to Select a Career Counselor
Marketing Yourself
40. How to Complete a Job Application
41. Sample Blank Employment Application
42. Sample Completed Employment Application
43. How to Write a Résumé
44. Components of a Résumé
45. Sample Chronological Résumés
46. Sample Skills/Functional Résumés
47. How to Write an Internet Résumé
48. List of Words to Use in Your Résumé
49. How to Write Cover Letters
50. Sample Cover Letters
51. How to Apply for a Job Online
52. How to Overcome Challenges to Employment
53. How Do I Deal with Negative Information?
54. How to Get Information about Jobs in Your Area
55. How to Acquire Job Information by Interviewing
56. How to Research the Job and the Employer
57. What Are Employee Benefits?
58. Your Daily Job Search Planner

Interviewing and Beyond
59. What are Interviewers Looking For?
60. What are the Different Kinds of Interviews?
61. What Can I Expect during the Interview?
62. How to Prepare for the Interview
63. Acing Telephone Interviews  
64. Common Interview Questions
65. How to Make a Good First Impression
66. Pre-Interview Checklist
67. Post-Interview Checklist
68. How to Write a Thank You Note
69. How to Negotiate a Fair Salary
70. What are Pre-Employment Tests?
71. How to Respond to a Job Offer
72. What to Do When Starting a New Job
73. How to Read Your Pay Chek
74. How to Keep Your Job
75. How to Set Goals at Work
76. How to Effectively Communicate at Work
77. How to Effectively Manage Time at Work