Youth Guides Topics

Finding the Jobs
How to Use Your Local One-Stop Career Center
I Just Graduated.  Now What?
Where to Acquire Post High School Job Training
How to Obtain an Entry Level or Summer Job
How to Interview for Job Information
How to Respond to Help Wanted Ads
How to Use Your Network to Locate Job Openings
How to Use the Internet in Your Job Search
How to Make Cold Calls
Where to Look for a Job
How to Organize Your Job Search
Marketing Yourself
How to Complete a Job Application
Blank Job Application
Completed Sample Job Application
How to Write a Résumé
Components of a Résumé
How to Apply for a Job Online
How to Write an Internet Résumé
How to Write a Cover Letter
Sample Cover Letters
What Do Employers Expect of You?
How to Overcome Challenges to Employment

How to Prepare for a Job Interview
What Can I Expect During the Job Interview?
How to Impress the Job Interviewer
Top Job Interview Questions
Pre- and Post-Job Interview Checklists
How to Ace Telephone Interviews and Job Fairs
How to Make a Good First Impression
How to Write Thank You Notes
What are Pre-Employment Tests?
How to Accept a Job Offer
What Are Employee Benefits?
Career Selection & Job Information
How Do I Select a Career?
What Are My Job Skills?
What Are My Interests & Personal Values?
What Are the Top 20 Skills?
What Are the Top Careers?
What to Do When Starting a New Job
What Are All Those Forms?
How to Read Your Paycheck
How to Keep Your Job
How to Quit Your Job
How to Set Job Goals


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