Trouble logging onto the JobShop site?

Before calling JobShop, check the following:

1. Do you have a firewall, anti-virus, malware or spamware program(s) that prevent you from communicating with unknown sites? Check your program settings. Be sure to identify as a safe site.

2. If you are on an internal network, check with your network administrator. Explain your problem to them. It is possible that there are internal controls that are preventing you from accessing the Jobshop website. Ask them to remove the block.

3. Send an email to and add her email address to your personal Address Book. Some anti-virus programs block all emails from sources that are not listed in your Address Book. Sending an email to an address often will unblock the site and allow for two-way communication.

If these measures are unsuccessful and you still cannot access your JobShop account, call 888-562-5480 for assistance.


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