Migrant & Seasonal Farmworker Job Seeker Services Certification Modules

2014 AFOP Training Institute
with MaryAnn Lawrence, Power Notes LLC
NAWDP and several states now accept the successful completion of these modules as documentation of training and competency for national, state and local certification programs.
$290 per user
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WP101 Assessment Tools & Techniques
NAWDP - Career Development Principles  »
WP119 Learning Styles
NAWDP - Customer Service Methodology  »
WP104 Behavior Based Interviewing
NAWDP - Business and Economic Development Intelligence, Career Development Principles  »
WP126 On-the-Job Training
NAWDP - Career Development Principles, Workforce Development Structure - Policies & Programs, Labor Market Information and Intelligence  »
WP105 Career Decision Making
NAWDP - Career Development Principles »
WP128 Person Centered Planning
NAWDP - Career Development Principles, Diversity in Workforce Development  »
WP106 Case Management
NAWDP - Program Implementation Principles and Strategies »
WP130 Serving the New Unemployed
NAWDP - Collaboration and Problem Solving, Career Development Principles, Customer Service Methodology  »
WP107 Customer Service
NAWDP - Customer Service Methodology  »
WP132 Target Marketing
NAWDP - Career Development Principles, Principles of Communication  »
WP109 Diffusing Negative Attitudes
NAWDP - Principles of Communication, Collaboration and Problem Solving  »
WP134 Unadvertised Job Search
NAWDP - Career Development Principles, Business and Economic Development Intelligence  »
WP111 Illegal Interview Questions
NAWDP - Principles of Communication  »
WP135 Understanding Multiple Intelligences
NAWDP - Career Development Principles  »
WP112 Individual Service Strategy
NAWDP - Program Implementation Principles & Strategies  »
WP136 Using Employment Proposals
NAWDP - Program Implementation Principles & Strategies  »
WP113 Informational Interviewing
NAWDP - Career Development Principles  »
WP137 When You Don't Have All the Answers
NAWDP - Collaboration and Problem Solving  »
WP114 Introduction to One-Stops
NAWDP - Workforce Development Structure - Policies & Programs  »
WP143 Time Management
NAWDP - Principles of Communication»
WP118 Key Skill Identification
NAWDP - Career Development Principles  »
WP144 Eligibility for Farmworker Programs
NAWDP - Program Implementation Principles & Strategies, Workforce Development Structure - Policies & Programs»
  WP145 Performance Farmworker Program
NAWDP - Program Implementation Principles & Strategies, Workforce Development Structure - Policies & Programs »

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