Adult JobSearch Guides
Self-help information for your customers.
Spanish Version Also Available

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Optional 80-Pocket Revolving Metal Kiosk


Guides include:

  • 77 job-search related topics
  • English and Spanish versions
  • Each topic complete on one, 2-sided page
  • Valuable "how to" information
  • Display in optional revolving 80-pocket metal kiosk
  • Quick, written answers to customers' job-search questions
  • Option to add your logo and contact information to every Guide
  • Vivid color with graphics and pictures
  • Internet resources with every topic
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Just Laid Off Sample Guide

10 Reasons Why the Guides Work
Guides are perfect for:
They are...
  • COMPREHENSIVE. The Guides address every step of the job-search process from résumé writing to thank you letters, from proper attire to cold calling, from accessing the hidden job market to how to use the Internet. There are 77 different topics!
  • CREDIBLE. Written by workforce professionals with years of experience working with various types of job seekers. The authors have been there -- just like you -- on the front line.
  • POPULAR. Now at more than 1,000 locations across the U. S., JobSearch Guides have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals since 1998.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE. At only a few pennies per copy, the JobSearch Guides are the least expensive printed resource in the workforce development field.
  • EASY TO READ. Formatted with short sentences, organized subtopics, color, graphics and the ability to be printed on two sides of the page, the JobSearch Guides are customer-friendly.
  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND. Guides are written at the sixth- to eighth-grade reading level.
  • EASY TO REPRODUCE. Print your inventory from the secure JobShop website.
  • UPDATED INFORMATION. The JobSearch Guides feature all the state-of-the-art information on Internet searches and other topics. Guides are updated regularly. Updates are posted immediately to the website.
  • VERSATILE. Guides are perfect as a handout in job-search workshops, resource and reception areas and at job fairs. Incorporate the Guides with the new online training programs to build a state-of-art program for your adult job seeker customers.
  • RECOGNITION & MARKETING FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION. Use the personalization feature to imprint your organization logo, name and contact information on the bottom of each JobSearch Guide.


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