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Workforce Development Professionals recognize that a vast majority of the people seeking their help lack the knowledge and skills needed to find and/or obtain a job. They often are not only clueless of the job search process, they do not have the tools (a resume, for example) needed to successfully embark on this journey.

JobShop, Inc, being a successful Workforce Development Provider for over 40 years, understands the challenges in providing quality programs and services to job seekers. Using the experience of assisting thousands of unemployed people, JobShop staff in 1998, with the assistance of other successful Workforce Development Professionals, broke down the job search process into 65 (40 Youth, 52 Ex-Offender) small topics and created 12 Forms and Examples that complement the topics. Each topic (we call a Guide) addresses a single aspect of the job search in a one, two-sided document. Guides have been written to target four specific job seeker groups: Adult, Adult Spanish, Youth and Ex-Offender.

The JobSearch Guides:

ARE COMPREHENSIVE The Guides address every step of the job-search process with 77 different Guides!

ARE EASY TO UNDERSTAND Guides are written at the sixth-to-eighths grade reading level.

CONTAIN VALUABLE INFORMATION Each Guide includes not only a description of the topic, it offers "How To" assistance. Each Guide references related Web sites and is updated regularly. ARE VERSATILE Guides are perfect as handouts at workshops, jobfairs and for resource and reception areas.

ARE CREDIBLE Written by nationally acclaimed Workforce Development Professionals with years of experience working with the unemployed.

PROMOTES YOUR CENTER Use the personalization feature to imprint your organization's logo, name and contact information at the bottom of each Guide.

ARE EASY TO READ Guides are formatted with short sentences, have organized sub-topics, are in color and include graphics. ARE EASILY DISPLAYED Display the Guides in the optionally purchased self-help 36, 44 or 80-pocket kiosk.




Guides shown with optional kiosk.

Why paper?

A few reasons why this resource is needed in every center:
1. Not every job seeker is computer literate. In fact, requiring every customer to only use the computer in all phases of the job search, turns off many customers who are intimidated by computers.

2. Granted, most if not all of the information found in the Guides resided somewhere on the Internet. The problem is that the customer must be able to articulate what they want to know. If they were to Google, How to write a resume, they would get thousands of ‘hits.’ How do they chose one that meets their interests, needs and ability to understand? Job seekers become overwhelmed with too much information and consequently none sticks.

3. When a customer finds something that interests them, what do they do? They ask to print it.They want something that they can hold, read and refer to at a later time rather than having to look it up every time they want to refer to the information.

4. And finally, Workforce Development Professionals and the job seeker need to be on the same page, talking about the same resource. The Guide becomes that common resource.

Click image to see a complete JobSearch Guide.
Just Laid Off Sample Guide


Most organizations place the Guides in their reception/waiting area. This permits job seeking customers to peruse the various Guides and select only those Guides that interest them. When the customer meets with their case manager, they are better able to articulate their interests and concerns. This assists their case manager to focus on those important issues, saving valuable staff time. By having the Guide in front of them, the case manager can emphasize points that they want to make by highlighting the important texts found in the Guide. The customer then has something to refer to after they have left the Center.

Job seeking customers come to the Workforce Development Center in order to get answers to the many job search questions that they have. The Guides help them to obtain answers to many of these questions. Rather than having to scan many publications or sources for these answers, customers can get the answers they seek in one location.

Job-Readiness and Job-Search Workshop trainers use selected Guides as their primary teaching template.Teaching a class on Resume Writing and Job Applications? Hand out the Guides related to the subject matter. Presenting a class on Interviewing? Select the interviewing-related Guides as the model.


As one Workforce Professional put it, “I really like having the Guides available when I meet with job seekers. First, the customer has already selected topics that need to be addressed when they chose certain Guides in the Reception/ Resource area. I can use the Guide text to point out information that they need to know or tasks they need perform. I often highlight sections of the Guide that I want them to remember. I also like to send them home with the task of looking up the web sites that are listed in each Guide topic.”

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