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The Workforce Development Challenge

In today's economy, the unemployed and underemployed are seeking help in record numbers from Workforce Development Providers, such as One-Stop Career Centers, in finding employment. There is no question that Workforce Development Services are challenged to provide the various services that their customers demand and expect and to provide these services with limited funds, staff resources and often within specific regulatory guidelines.

JobShop Can Help

Since 1998, JobShop, Inc., has been assisting by making quality, cost-effective self-help resources available to over 1,000 Workforce Development Providers. Both the customer and Provider Staff have been using these resources to help achieve the goal of employment.

Effective Workforce Development Resources for Your Center

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Self-Help Information Kiosks for Adult Job Seekers »

Meets the information needs of your customers. The JobSearch Guides are currently used by over 1,000 Centers. Available in English and Spanish.


Pre-employment Guides for Youth  »

Similar to the adult Guides, the 44 Youth Guides are specifically designed for young adults who have little or no work experience.


Online Adult Job Seeker & Youth Training Modules  »

This new product features a series of online learning modules for job seekers and youth that prepares them for the job search. The system includes a unique self-assessment, pre-tests, online learning modules, post-tests and certificates of completion. All training is documented.


Online Staff Training/Certification Modules  »

JobShop Publishing, LLC, and JobShop, Inc., have partnered with professional workforce development trainers and consultants to provide online training modules for workforce development staff.  The completion of these modules can be used to satisfy certification programs.  Currently there are two staff certifications available:  Workforce Development Professional Certification and Business Services Certification.

New Product!
Virginia Staff Certification

Written Materials to Assist Re-entering Ex-Offenders  »

Experts working with re-entering ex-offenders have modified 62 of the effective JobSearch Guides to address the special needs and issues presented by this population of job seakers.  Available August 15, 2014.


Interview DVD »

This DVD, The Job Interview Simplified, produced by JobShop, Inc, uses a story format to prepare job seekers for a successful job interview.