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Effective Workforce Development Resources for Your Center

JobShop, Inc., being a Workforce Development Provider for over 34 years, understands the challenges in providing quality programs and services to job seekers and business communities.  Since 1998, nearly 1,000 Workforce Development Providers have made our JobSearch Guides available to job seekers, providing a quality, cost-effective self-help resource that helps job seekers reach the goal of employment.

In 2012, JobShop partnered with professional workforce development trainers and consultants to provide a series of online Workforce Learning Modules for both job seekers and workforce development staff. These online training modules can be used to satisfy the requirements for a number of state and national certification programs.

Resources for Your Job Seeker Customers
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JobSearch Guides for Adults, Youth and Ex-Offenders
Customers visiting local Workforce Development Centers expect to receive information and assistance in securing a job. The JobSearch Guides series were developed to provide customers with the information needed to conduct a successful job search.

Separate JobSearch Guides series are available for your adult, youth and ex-offender job search customers. Guides may be displayed in the available kiosk, making these products an accessible, stand-alone self-help addition to your center.

See Adult, Youth, or Ex-Offender Guides for more information.

Online Staff Training and Certification Preparation
Online Staff Training & Professional Certification Preparation
Developed by leading Workforce Development Trainers and Consultants, this series of online training modules provides new and experienced staff with the knowledge needed to be effective workforce development professionals.

JobShop has cross-matched the competencies learned in the staff training modules to the competencies required by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals' Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) certification. NAWDP accepts successful completion of specific modules as documentation of learning and competency.

See Workforce Staff & Certification Preparation for more information.

Virginia Workforce Certification Preparation & Business and Employer Services
Custom designed for Virginia Workforce staff, the online Training Modules cover the necessary topics and requirements for the Virginia Workforce Development Professional Certification. The completion of this series is the best way staff can prepare for the Virginia Workforce Certification.

The Business and Employer Services online training modules cover the necessary topics and requirements for the Virginia Workforce Development Business & Employer Services Certification. Successful completion of this series qualifies staff to satisfy the requirements for the Virginia Workforce Business and Employer Services Certification. Hours obtained from the Business & Employer Services Certification can also be used to meet the required hours for renewal of the Virginia Workforce Professional Certification.

See Virginia Workforce Development Modules for more information.

Migrant & Seasonal Farmworker (AFOP) Certification Preparation Modules
These five custom designed series of training programs were produced by MaryAnn Lawrence for the AFOP Training Institute. Successful completion of each program leads to certification in that area. The areas are: Job Seeker Services, Business Services, Advanced Business Services, Leadership Development and WIOA Operations.

See AFOP Online Training Modules for more information.